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petpigs' Journal
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Friday, May 6th, 2005
1:01 am


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12:59 am

12:57 am
12:55 am

12:52 am

12:51 am

Imagine someone being this happy to see you, when they just saw you 10 min.

12:50 am
More Sammy pictures, he was running around in the yard oinking and grunting have a fun time earlier. Now he is taking a nap in his bed in the bedroom. This is him in action.

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12:48 am
Sammy today having fun in the yard

12:46 am


12:44 am

Random Pictures Of The Pets:

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12:44 am

This is an old picture of sammy when he was smaller than the cats. This is when he first met KitKat!

12:41 am
sammy has some cheesecake

I made a yummy Tofu Blueberry Almond Cheesecake with chocolate crust. It is soooooo good!


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12:40 am
Sammy pictures, after he had a dip in his new large pool.
I had to get him a new one he was too big for the last one.

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12:40 am

Sammies new trick is to "pick up". Here is Sammy and his keys. He is napping now, but he will pick his keys up and throw them for a treat.

Me and Sam finished my garden set up Friday night. The sky turned pink on us, so we took some pictures. I also made a strawberry pie, but it looks real gross. hehe, I think this will be a Sammy pie, I'll freeze it and give him a piece every now and then.

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12:38 am

I love my fig tree, it is a little over 1 year old and is one of the only plants Sammy hasn't eaten. He did try and trick me though , look at him, little bugger.


But he ate grass around it instead. lol.

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12:37 am

This is Sammy beeging for a treat , he is so funny!

Want to see More begging , :)

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12:33 am
I was looking through old pictures and found this one. This is Sam in his first harness.

12:28 am
Sammy blowing bubbles in his new pool

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12:26 am

Pictures of Sammy the pig, Gredal & Maggie the poochies, KitKat & Mouser The black cats, I couldn't find Pinky the white cat anywhere, sooooo .........
Ohh yeah and you get to see my sunflower, its so big and yellow!
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12:24 am
Heres a picture of sammy when he was little, I had it in my old journal and wanted it added here too. Hes eating a Mr.Barkey Veggie bone. YUMMMMM!

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